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Welcome to Webchurch!

Webchurch is a virtual church project under the guidance of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Nova Scotia and Abba Ministries of Canada.

Saint Mary Magdalene is one of more than fifty churches coast-to-coast denominationally grouped with Abba Ministries [our National Church]. Our priests, pastors and chaplains are all volunteers who follow the deceptively simple program of Jesus of Nazareth: Love God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself."

We are currently seeking a "virtual Vicar" who will assume responsibility for our on-line virtual ministries. This individual will be a technology savvy, dedicated Christian volunteer; a person who is non-judgemental and a follower of Jesus. The first step on this challenging but spiritually rewarding journey will be to seek ordination with Abba Ministries of Canada. All the information that you need to begin can be found at:

Compassion In Action Worship, Prayer & Praise Sayings of Jesus